Fall Guys Meets Lego In New Stop Motion Animation

If you’ve ever become curious about what a Fall Guys race would be like if it had be animated with Lego, then today those questions have been answered. Animator TheJumiFilm posted a clip to YouTube of the Fall Guys’ Door Dash stage, created using stop motion and Lego. While it stars a considerably smaller group of characters (only eight) the animation is absolutely spot on.

Of course, unlike the real Door Dash – which is nothing short of a chaotic moshpit of jelly beans all attempting to breach a single door at once – TheJumiFilm’s animation lacks the energetic intensity seen from the jelly bean battle royale. Regardless, the animation is highly accurate to a real race, from the decoy doors, the poor lizard having its tail pulled, and as a result, missing out on the next round place.

Plus, you’d need to consider just how long it would take to animate six Lego characters through Door Dash. Titled “Lego Fall Guys: Ultimate Brickout (Stop Motion Animation)”, TheJumiFilm explains in the description that the animation took three weeks to produce, further indicating that an Among Us Lego clip was in development too.

Check out the incredible animation below.

Meanwhile, if you were also curious about what exactly a Fall Guys jelly bean character was, (other than being squat, cute, and in some way related to a Minion) Mediatonic provided the answers to these questions. In hindsight, it might have been better if we’d never discovered the truth…

Last week, Mediatonic revealed a piece of concept art to shine some light on what exactly brings one of the jelly beans to life, and in short, it’s ghastly. Details from the studio confirm that the jelly beans are actually not short, cute, or in any way related to the Minions, unless they too are 183cm, (6ft tall), the height of an average door. But it’s the internal anatomy of the jelly beans that really takes us all by surprise. 

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