Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection: All Program Advances In Battle Network 3

Battle chips are your bread-and-butter attacks in every entry you boot up in the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection. While these could’ve easily been the sole gameplay mechanic, right from the start Capcom added a layer of complexity with the Program Advances mechanic, which lets MegaMan.EXE pull off even more powerful moves if you know how.

You don’t need to be a master hacker to crack the code on activating any Program Advances, but by the third game the list has expanded quite a bit. If that wasn’t enough, even returning Program Advances from Mega Man Battle Network 1 and Mega Man Battle Network 2 have changed. This guide will provide you with all the data you need to keep up!

All Mega Man Battle Network 3 Program Advances In Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection

mega Man Battle Network 3 Program Advances

Instead of both the Zeta and Omega series coming back for Mega Man Battle Network 3 as they did in 2, only Zeta Program Advances return. They show up in an expanded and altered form. Let’s kick things off by checking out how the Zeta series has evolved.

Zeta Series Program Advances

The tweaks to the Zeta series make it even more powerful than in past games, and they can be used with more Battle Chips. Now, MegaMan can use whichever weapon you activate the Program Advance with as much as you want for five seconds, as they did in previous titles. Plus, he turns invincible, and fires three shots every time you press the correct button until the timer runs out. Here are all the weapons that have a Zeta Program Advance in Mega Man Battle Network 3:

  • Cannon
  • HiCannon
  • M-Cannon
  • Guts Punch
  • Guts Straight
  • Guts Impact
  • Variable Sword
  • Yoyo 1, 2, and 3
  • Step Sword
  • Step Cross

New And Returning Program Advances

mega Man Battle Network 3 Program Advances

You may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but you can always teach a program new advances! Or, at the very least, you can teach them how to improve old Advances. Here are all the new and altered Program Advances in Mega Man Battle Network 3 you can execute for maximum damage!

Bubble Spread: Bubbler × 3, Bub-V × 3, BublSide × 3, or Bubbler E + Bub-V E + BublSide E. Shoots a water spread shot.

Heat Spread: HeatShot × 3, Heat-V × 3, HeatSide × 3, or HeatShot J + Heat-V J + HeatSide J. Shoots a fire spread shot.

Hyper Burst: Spreader × 3. Fires a large blast that explodes five times, alternating between X and + shaped blasts.

Life Sword: Sword + WideSwrd + LongSwrd. Attacks with 2 x 3 sword.

Element Sword: FireSwrd + AquaSwrd + ElecSwrd + BambSwrd. MegaMan executes one sword attack for each of the four elements.

Evil Cut: StepSwrd P + HeroSwrd P + StepCros P. Attack two columns with each of the three swords used in this Program Advance.

Hyper Ratton: Ratton1 + Ratton2 + Ratton3. Calls out a fast and powerful Ratton.

Time Bomb +: TimeBomb (J+K+L, K+L+M or L+M+N). Summons a bomb that damages the entire field.

Gel Rain: MetaGel1 × 3 (B+C+D) or MetaGel2 × 3 (E+F+G) or MetaGel3 × 3 (S+T+U). Six MetaGels fall onto the field and delete the panels they land on, or damage an enemy if it hits them.

Ever Curse: CrsShld1 + CrsShld2 + CrsShld3. Creates a cursed shield that blocks incoming attacks, plus bites all opponents until they are defeated.

Mother’s Quake: RockCube * + RockCube * + GodStone S. Causes rocks to fall from above and hit random enemy tiles.

Poison Pharaoh: PoisonMask + PoisonFace + PoisonAnubis. Calls in Pharaoh to spew poison on the opponent’s side of the field that lasts either until he is destroyed or all enemies are defeated.

Body Guard: AntiDmg M + AntiNavi M + Muramasa M. 18 Shurikens home in on enemies.

500 Barrier: Barrier + 100Barrier + 200Barrier. Summons a barrier that can absorb, you guessed it, 500 damage.

Big Heart: HolyPan1 R + Recov300 R + Roll V1/V2/V3 R. Roll hits an enemy nine times and then heals MegaMan.

Guts Shoot: Guard * + DashAtk G + GutsMan V1/V2/V3/V4 G. GutsMan tosses MegaMan, damaging the enemy he hits as well as all enemies in a + pattern from the impact point.

Deux Hero: Custom Sword B + Variable Sword B + ProtoMan V1/V2/V3/V4 B. ProtoMan and MegaMan team up and each attack all enemy panels eight times.

Master Style: Salamander * + Fountain * + Thunderbolt (Bolt) * + Gaia Blade *. MegaMan switches between four combat styles, doing a flurry of attacks that end with a large explosion.

That’s all the Program Advances you can use in Mega Man Battle Network 3. Which is your favorite to use? Comment below and let us know!

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