Niantic And Capcom Announce Monster Hunter Now

Niantic, the developer of Pokemon GO, has partnered with Capcom to bring a brand-new Monster Hunter experience to mobile devices.

Monster Hunter Now is a real-world action RPG mobile that lets fans of the franchise new and old to join the hunt on the go! IGN reports that the game is set to be released in September 2023 for both iOS and Android devices.

Players will be able to take on some of the franchise’s most iconic monsters, such as the Rathalos and the Great Jagras, just by walking down the block with their friends! Right now, players interested can register for the closed beta via the official website. The beta will begin on April 25, 2023!

Monster Hunter Now will have many similarities to Pokemon GO in terms of the UI and gameplay. Players will be able to encounter and battle various monsters as they walk around the real world with their friends.

The main difference is that the battles are more reminiscent of the action RPG-style players the mainline titles are used to. Parts will fly off of various monsters as you attack, and battles only last about 75 seconds. But Niantic promises they will still be as chaotic and fun as fans of the series should expect!  

Up to four friends can battle together and make use of various tools, like taps and flicks, as well as their favorite weapons from across the series to gain an edge in battle!

Niantic has also teased a story mode that will introduce players to both new and familiar faces from across the Monster Hunter series.

What are your thoughts on Monster Hunter Now? Will you be joining the hunt one the game officially launches on September 2023? Let us know in the comments, and keep up to date with more gaming news on GameLuster!

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