Microsoft Edge Means PlayStation Games Can Be Streamed on Xbox

As of March this year, Xbox Insiders have been trialing a new and improved Microsoft Edge app on Xbox. This version of the browser makes it possible to play pretty much any PC game through your Xbox, and now a few fans are taking things a step further and using Microsoft Edge to stream games that were previously PlayStation exclusives on the Xbox, just because they can.

One such example is Twitter user @tomwarren, who posted a snippet of himself playing Days Gone using this method. Take a look below:

The above example isn’t exactly a glowing recommendation for pulling off such a thing in its current state, with lags galore. Users claim NVIDIA’s GeForce Now is a much smoother fit with the Xbox browser, but Microsoft Edge is currently blocking players from using the NVIDIA service for now. Still, with Microsoft Edge improving and also adding keyboard and mouse support, your Xbox could soon be functioning as your PC when it comes to gaming. At least on the most basic of levels, anyway.

The new incarnation of the Microsoft Edge browser on Xbox is still a few months away from being released publicly, according to responses from Microsoft.

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