NieR Replicant Switch Plans Revealed in Datamine

The original NieR finally got its time in the post-Automata spotlight in the form of recent remaster NieR Replicant Ver .1.22474487139 and dataminers have uncovered that it may also be coming to the Nintendo Switch. Or, a Switch release was at some point on the cards, at least.

Prior to the Switch’s official announcement, all references to it simply abbreviated it as the NX, which is what the presets in NieR Replicant‘s code use, as discovered and reported back on via Reddit recently.

This is following on from Amazon France listings sparking rumours of both NieR Replicant and Prince of Persia coming to Switch some six months ago.

On the other hand, the same dataminer goes on to say that the file containing these mentions of the NX doesn’t appear to be used by the game anymore, suggesting the glimmer of a Switch version may very well have been scrapped somewhere during the game’s development with the curious code being simply a leftover.

Still, if it was in the works before, who’s to say if it won’t be back on the cards again? Especially with a beefed up version of the Nintendo Switch in the works and expected to be announced in the coming weeks. Maybe we’ll be seeing both NieR Replicant and NieR Automata on the Nintendo Switch Pro, or whatever it may end up called, in the future.

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