Minecraft Legends: How To Restore Health

When you play Minecraft Legends for the first time, you will be given some basic explanations about the mechanics you will encounter. Unfortunately, the tutorial does not tell you how to restore health, which is one of the most important things in any game. Without health, you can’t keep the world safe from the invading Piglins. Luckily, you don’t need to be worried because this guide will tell you how to heal in Minecraft Legends!

Minecraft Legends How To Restore Health Guide

There are several ways that you can heal in Minecraft Legends:

  • Teleport to the Well of Fate, Village Fountains, and Wellhouse.
  • Find Resurrection Stones.
  • Escape from battle.
  • Use Mossy Golems.

Minecraft Legends Well of Fate

The easiest way to restore health back to full is to teleport to either the Well of Fate, Village Fountains or a Wellhouse. Not only will this help you escape from fights, but any of these locations will also automatically regenerate all of your hearts.

If you are not interested in returning to your base, you can also try finding Resurrection Stones scattered in the Overworld. You may already see these square stones with glowing blue light during your adventure, and they’re not just for decoration! You can stand near one to quickly heal your wounds and immediately jump back to action.

Minecraft Legends Ressurection Stone

You can also pull back from battles and run around for a while to slowly restore your health. It is not the best method to regain your hearts, but it works when you’re just exploring the Overworld and gathering resources.

The best way to restore health during battles is to spawn Mossy Golems. These cute and helpful creatures cannot fight, but they can heal you and your mobs. You simply need to stand near one, and it will begin spinning as it sprays its healing water.

That is the end of our guide on how to restore health in Minecraft Legends. Before heading out to play Minecraft again, consider reading other articles on GameLuster. For example, if you feel that the game is too easy or hard, you may want to change your difficulty mode, and we have a guide covering this topic!