Minecraft: Wii U Edition is getting a physical release in Europe on June 30th

Last month Nintendo of America announced a release date for the physical release of Minecraft: Wii U Edition, they revealed that the game would be arriving on June 17th and would include the Super Mario Mash-Up pack content with it. Japan quickly followed suit announcing the release date for that country, and now Europe has an official release date thanks to Nintendo of Europe. Minecraft: Wii U Edition won’t be arriving in Europe quite as early as the North American version but it will still be arriving in June on the 30th, it will also include the Mario content in case you had any doubts.

This news is not surprising, not is it anything special these days but is certainly welcome. As a Wii U owner this is certainly something to look forward to, plus this is great for those who would rather a physical product over a digital one.

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