Modders Give Fans a Taste of 4K60 Bloodborne on PS5

A new YouTube video from Digital Foundry shows Bloodborne running at 60fps with impressive 4K upscaling which gives players an idea of what a PlayStation 5 upgrade could look like.

This comes after some players have been less than impressed with how Bloodborne performs on PS5, with many saying it performed the same as or worse than on their PlayStation 4. Players took their complaints to Reddit, with many making clear their frustrations that the game still runs at 30fps or that the graphics are not good quality.

Well now, modders from Digital Foundry have been able to at least show us what the game would look like if it ran at 4K and 60fps. The YouTube video’s description reads: “Combining Lance McDonald’s PS4 FPS unlock patch with AI upscaling, we can present a vision of a 4K60 Bloodborne.”

In terms of the backstory to the mod, the aforementioned modder, Lance McDonald, managed to develop a 60fps patch for Bloodborne on PS4 pro at the end of last year. Unfortunately he had to bring the resolution down to 720p to match the PS4 hardware. The Digital Foundry team then took the original 1080p footage from Lance McDonald and used AI upscaling to boost the footage to 4K! But the upscaled footage does still have it’s own hiccups.

FromSoftware’s Bloodborne has become one of the most anticipated games to receive a sequel or at least a PS5 remaster. Although the video can give players an idea of what to expect, for the time being, they will have to continue to wait for an official patch from Sony.

The visuals are certainly striking, but the question is, would you really want to be looking at Bloodborne‘s various grotesque beasts in 4K?

In other FromSoftware news, alleged Elden Ring trailer footage has been leaked, showing off small parts of the upcoming game.

Bloodborne is available on PS4 and PS5.

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