More evidence suggests Grow Home is on its way to the Playstation 4

Just the other week Sony announced a big new feature coming for Playstation Plus subscribers. This new feature would allow subscribers to vote for one of three options of games they want to see be available for free on the Playstation 4 that month putting more power in the hands of fans to hopefully somewhat satisfy them.

The day before this was announced a video was leaked which essentially announced this feature early, but it was something in the video that actually grabbed peoples attention. In the video it showed off the voting feature and with it a game we knew nothing about for the Playstation 4, Grow Home.

Previously this game had only been made available for the PC with Ubisoft providing no indication as to whether or not this might see an eventual console release. At this point in time Ubisoft has made no announcement as to this games future and if we think about it Grow Home could have just been put there as an example of the feature. Or maybe not as new evidence does further point to Grow Home’s arrival on the Playstation 4.

Grow Home rating

A new rating has appeared on the Taiwanese games rating board for Grow Home on the Playstation 4 essentially proving its existence, we just now have to wait and see if Grow Home will be Growing Home to the Playstation 4.


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