Rare Replay update brings new control scheme to Jet Force Gemini

Rare Replay is now available for Xbox One owners, and while many games in the collection have been well received such as Battletoads and Banjo Kazooie while other classic games just haven’t turned up quite as well. Back in the day during the late 90’s people highly anticipated the release of Jet Force Gemini and with its release became an instant classic, even if it did feature an arguably awkward control system.

This flaw could be narrowed down to the Nintendo 64 controller interface which did feel awkward in itself, while other games in the Rare Replay collection from the 64 era have had a notable fix in control scheme, Jet Force Gemini has not been treated to the same care. When reviews emerged for the game Jet Force Gemini’s control scheme was made out as the negative point of most critics experience, the biggest problem was the fact the control just didn’t work with modern gaming but there is a fix to this problem.

Seeing how much fans and critics hated this Rare quickly jumped into action and has prepared a much needed update to fix this problem. In a new update that is available now Rare has provided a new control scheme for Jet Force Gemini that makes it compatible with modern games, in case you were happy with the current control style released with Rare Replay it is still accessible. But now it has an easy fix which will make the game better and keep fans happy.

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