More Info on Pokémon Masters, The Newest Pokémon Mobile Game

The Pokémon Company has released a video showcasing Pokémon Masters, an upcoming mobile game being developed in part with mobile publisher, DeNA.

The game’s setting is the Pasio Region, an artificial island home to a world-famous competition called the Master’s League. You are playing as a Trainer setting out to win the League with your Pokémon, and you will be facing off and teaming up with famous Trainers from around the Pokémon world, such as Gym Leaders, Champions, and Professors.

In the League, Trainers enter with one Pokémon each, and are referred to as a “Sync Pair.” Trainers team up with two other Trainers and battle other teams in 3-on-3 Pokémon battles. These battles are in real-time, instead of the usual turn-based Pokémon battles. Trainers also play an active role in these battles, being able to heal or power-up their Pokémon, as well as use “Sync Moves,” a move that the Pokémon and Trainer use together.

The game is slated to launch this Summer. Sixty-five different Sync Pairs of Trainers and their Pokémon will be available at launch, with more being added after the game’s release. The game is said to contain microtransactions, but the scale and how they will affect gameplay are still unknown.

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