Mr. Resetti Returns to Animal Crossing: New Horizons…Well, Sort Of

The Animal Crossing series is full of fan favorite characters, from the adorable assistant Isabelle to the surprisingly attractive cat villager Raymond. One character who was often described by fans as a “love to hate” type was Mr. Resetti, a mole who lived underground and only appeared under a very specific set of circumstances.

Resetti first appeared in 2002 in the original Animal Crossing game, where his job was to appear and chastise players who attempted to either reset their game or close it without saving. In later titles, he fulfilled the same role, and was eventually revealed to be employed at the “Resetti Surveillance Center,” gradually becoming less short-tempered and nicer to the player. His memorable in-game appearances led to Resetti gaining a role as an Assist Trophy in the Super Smash Bros. fighting game series, as well as an unlockable costume in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Super Mario Maker, and as an obstacle in Mario Kart 8.

As latest series title Animal Crossing: New Horizons features an auto-save function, the game’s development confirmed that Resetti had been laid off from his previous job. He does not make an in-person appearance in New Horizons, although his voice can be heard as a helicopter dispatcher working for Nook’s Rescue Service. In addition, the helicopter, which appears to transport players when they become lost or stuck while exploring islands, somewhat resembles him, featuring his trademark whiskers and hard hat.

Mr Resetti previously only appeared as a voice in New Horizons
Mr Resetti previously only appeared as a voice in New Horizons

However, it seems that Nintendo has heard and responded to fan outcry regarding Resetti’s lack of presence in the game. As of the game’s latest free update, a statue of Resetti is available to purchase as a seasonal item via the Nook Shopping service. The statue, which takes one day to arrive, can be placed outside to make it look like Resetti himself is once again appearing from underground.

While Resetti is currently listed as a seasonal item, it has not been confirmed just how long he is available to purchase in-game. Still, interested fans should purchase statues of their favorite mole as soon as possible so they do not miss out on this exciting chance!

Are you excited to see Resetti return, or are you waiting for him to make an in-person (or is that in-mole) appearance? Let us know!


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