Music Battler Soundfall Available Today on Nintendo Switch

There’s fewer things more fun than seeing a cool-looking game announced during a livestream event – and then immediately finding out it will be available to purchase and play that exact same day! Fans were treated to this experience during the May 11 Nintendo Indie World Event, which revealed combination dungeon crawler and looter-shooter Soundfall, available on the Switch beginning later that day.

Players take on the role of one of five Guardians of Harmony, music geniuses transported to the land of Symphonia and tasked with fighting against the encroaching forces of Discord. In combat, they can choose between around 140 songs and match their in-battle actions to the beat in order to earn higher scores and more points. Guardians of Harmony can also collect over 500 pieces of music-themed equipment and combine them to create a truly unique fighting style.

Soundfall will be feature both single- and multiplayer gameplay. Up to four players can team up to defend Symphonia, with options for both local and online multiplayer connections. Levels and encounters will be dynamically generated each time you play and will be structured around the selected musical tracks. Players can explore a colorful world, jam out to the beat, and save the music starting today. A PC version of Soundfall was also announced; it is available to purchase via Steam starting today.

This rhythm battler was one of nearly a dozen exciting indie titles announced today for the Nintendo Switch – and it wasn’t the only one launching today! Other offerings available starting May 11 include traffic management puzzler Mini Motorways and a free-to-play demo of upcoming card-based title Card Shark. The other games announced today, which include Batora: Lost Haven, Gunbrella, Another Crab’s Treasure, and more, will debut throughout 2022 and 2023.

Soundfall is currently available via the Nintendo Switch eShop.

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