Naughty Dog Teases “New Content” For Outbreak Day Sept 26

Ahead of September 26, Naughty Dog’s annually celebrated Outbreak Day, the studio has unveiled new The Last Of Us Part II-inspired merchandise. Naughty Dog is promising “all-new content” ahead of September 26, a date which marks a key event in The Last Of Us lore, the day of the Cordyceps virus outbreak. 

Naughty Dog’s Designer of Communications, Joshua Bradley, announced in a Playstation.Blog post that they’d been “hard at work” preparing for the big day, revealing a new line of merchandise for fans to get their hands on ahead of September 26.

The merch includes an eye-catching Abby Tee, featuring a watercolored portrait of Abby, a grey knit beanie, two lumberjacket style plaid shirts, a selection of rain and bomber jackets decorated with game insignias, cord organisers, leather valets, and a backpack.

On the more expensive side, the studio has unveiled The Last Of Us Part II-inspired Taylor replica guitars. Word to the wise, however, the guitars will set you back more than £630.00, while the most expensive guitar available, the 314-CE, is an eye-watering £2,060.00. The studio is further offering sets of Taylor guitar picks and straps to accessorise the guitars. 

“In addition to the merch below, we will be revealing some all-new content on September 26 at 9:00 am PT/6:00 pm CET.” Bradley says, adding that “all previously released The Last of Us products on PlayStation Gear store will be 20% off, from September 23 through September 30.”

It was recently reported that Neil Druckmann could be about to set to make his directorial debut in HBO’s forthcoming adaptation of The Last Of Us. A production listing revealed Druckmann’s name in a list alongside the adaptation’s other directors, including the co-creator of the series, Craig Mazin.

Jeffrey Pierce, best known for playing Tommy in both instalments of the series, recently described the scripts he’d read as “breathtaking”, adding that in comparison to the games, the material he’d read was a “hundred times more”. 

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