EA has released a huge free base game update for The Sims 4, and have additionally unveiled the announcement of two new fashion kits. This comes just weeks after The Sims 4: Spa Day overhaul for The Sims 4‘s 7th birthday celebrations.

The new update introduces new Create-A-Sim items, a whopping 1,200 colour variants across the base game build tools, including windows, doors and extras for The Vault and BlandCo Kitchen Sets. With the base game’s colour options leaving much to be desired, fans have received the update with an outpouring of approval.

The update also brings an overhaul of the career outfits which were not always up to par with the Sim’s success. Now, all career levels have appropriate outfits!


Next on The Sims 4′s new arrivals is the upcoming fashion kits titled Incheon Arrivals and Fashion Street, which will debut on October 5.

The Incheon Arrivals Kit is inspired by ‘K-fashion’s trendy foundations’ with The Sims‘ concept artist Woori Bae, saying: “our research was extensive to ensure the concepts reflect trendy outfits in Seoul.” She added: “We also had a lot of fun referencing the latest K-dramas, online shopping sites and celebrities’ everyday outfits for inspiration. I am so excited to see this kit come to life, particularly the wide pants and oversized fit items that add more in-game styling options like never before.”

As for the Fashion Street Kit, it “is inspired by a lot of India” says kit collaborator and fashion expert, Shruti Sitara Singh. The kit will include nose rings, henna tattoos, wrap skirts, asymmetrical vests, and sandals. Singh adds: “I would like players to experience Mumbai, to understand the culture, to understand the clothing, and how comfortable, region-specific and vibrant the prints are.”

The Sims 4 is currently available on Origin, Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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