EA had already confirmed last week that Need for Speed Most Wanted is the next Need for Speed game. EA revealed dyring its press conference that the game will let players race against each other to become #1 on their personal Most Wanted List.

Most Wanted will take place in an open world where players can drive anywhere, challenge your friends, race against other rivals, or mess with cops. Players will be able to compete in who can jump the furthest, have the most pursuits, and more to earn you speed points. Speed Points is what moves players up the most wanted list. The game will use EA’s social service Autolog for leaderboards.

EA says there are "no rules"each race has a start and finish, but how and where you race are up to you. The game won't have lobbies or wait times, and instead players will jump directly into an open world.

Need for Speed Most Wanted will launch on October 30th in North America and November 1st in Europe for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Vita, PC and mobile.