Neil Druckmann Explains Why Abby Uses A Golf Club In TLOU2

Neil Druckmann has revealed new details about the most iconic, and talked-about, scene from The Last Of Us Part II. In the event you’ve yet to play the game, there are spoilers ahead, so be warned. 

The Last Of Us Part II delivered perhaps one of the most controversial moments in recent video game history, as the game’s lead protagonist/antagonist, Abby, clubbed Joel Miller to death with a golf club, to avenge the death of her father. The scene was even leaked before the game’s launch last June.

Courtesy of The Washington Post, Druckmann opened up about a real-life incident that would later become the inspiration for Joel’s death scene. At the age of 16, Druckmann was accidentally hit in the head with a golf club and required 30 stitches as a result. Druckmann explained that he was permanently scarred from the accident, as the club left a dent in his skull.

“My friend was into it. He invited me to go to a driving range.” Druckmann said. “He was showing me the ropes. I stood behind him, and got smacked on the back swing. Blood everywhere.”

Before the decision was made, Abby was meant to stab Joel in the back before twisting the knife to paralyze him. It’s an equally grisly way to die in comparison to a golf club. However, death by knife never felt quite right as Druckmann later explained. In his eyes, the “knife felt more like an Ellie thing. We wanted something different.”

So, at least now you can say you know. While the upcoming HBO adaptation recently cast former Game Of Thrones’ stars Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey as Joel and Ellie, attention turns once again to Naughty Dog after Druckmann today teased that the studio has several projects in the works, with most hoping for a factions mode or PlayStation 5 upgrade for The Last Of Us Part II .

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