NES Remix Director explains why the game isn’t on the 3DS

Fans of the classic Nintendo Entertainment System era or NES will possibly be familiar with NES Remix on the Wii U. It is a game that recaptures the magic of the classic games by providing a certain form of challenge from a handful of these classic games and gives the player objectives in specific moments of the games. When this game was released on the Wii U last year many people questioned Nintendo on why the game wasn’t on the 3DS, and was instead on the Wii U, in saying this the sequel NES Remix 2 is also set to be a Wii U exclusive. In an interview with IGN Director Koichi Hayashida explained this:

“One of the easiest ways to answer that is to say, ‘I was working on 3D World, which was developed on Wii U. So I was already familiar with the system’s architecture and developing for that platform lent itself to the early stages of the project. But, if you step into the shadows a bit more, in order to accomplish what we wanted with NES Remix, and get the effect we wanted out of it and the value that we wanted it to have, we needed some more machine power.”

“I think the Wii U offered that up for us pretty easily, and it just would have been more difficult to do it for the 3DS. I think that’s really the answer. It’s just that the Wii U had the machine power we were looking for in order for us to build the software we envisioned from the get go.’

I believe this is a pretty good reason for the games not being on the 3DS and if you really want to play this just get it on the Wii U, you will have some fun. Maybe though in the future we might see some more of these remix titles in the future, it would be a great opportunity to get some games in the future that revisit the classics.

Source: IGN

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