Instead of the common Top 5 Article,  James makes it a worst Top 6 Article.

The Seventh generation of consoles was probably the most influential in the short history of gaming. It featured online experiences and other landmarks such as motion controls, and microphone support. There were also many ground breaking games, some of which that tanked in both gameplay and sales. Gameluster has created a list of the top six games that flopped in gameplay. This list consists of mostly co-op games and games on the Xbox 360 or PS3. Only AAA games will be considered, because if they weren’t the list would consist of simulators and games that have a low marketing budget.


Number Six: Resident Evil 6


Okay, many people are probably upset about this, but Resident Evil 6 was NOT a Resident Evil game. If you want to capture what the game really has to offer, be sure to start with the Sherri and Jake campaign, as there are bosses that never die, love scenes, and a lack of puzzles. I played through the game on co-op, but didn’t get to experience the things that the first player experienced. I got scared almost once and it was because it was a jump scare. Nothing about this game is scary, and nothing is compelling. You will become trapped in an area, and not even have to think about what to do to get out. This linear game deserves all of the low ratings it got.


Number Five: FUSE


At the time I am writing this I have not gotten all of the way through this game, but I can honestly tell you that this mess of a game cannot be saved at this point. Immediately after looking at this game cover you can tell it was tossed out by EA to make a quick buck, but I don't think it did. It's sales were terrible, and I had never even heard of the game until I saw it in the library last week. FUSE is a mix of every game on this list. I'm not 100% sure how to describe the story, but you are "agents" and there are mechs. The great thing about this game is the fact that every character has a personalized special weapon, and you can switch characters seamlessly throughout the long missions. This game is 4 player co-op, and I honestly did not enjoy a second playing this game by myself. I found myself not caring after the first mission because they immediately throw you into a story with terminology and names you've never heard before. This game is the poster boy for rushed games.


Number Four: Wrestlemania Smackdown vs. Raw 2011


I know, I know, this is a "sports" game, but I always like to include one in my lists to try and get a full grasp of the industry. Now before you start laughing, I am not a fan of wrestling at all, and the only reason I got this game was for laughs. Well laughs are what I received, as this game is one of the worst fighting games ever. It is unbelievably easy to pin your opponent, and objects from the crowd are very rare. I’m sure that there is a way to make it fun, but this game is not for the majority of the population. The only fun part of this game was making a character that looked like the spawn of Satan and naming it something immature. I would seriously never recommend this game to anyone unless they are really in need of fuel for their fireplace, and even then I don't think video games burn that well. Most of you probably aren't shocked this is on here, because lets be real... It is a wrestling game.


Number Three: Aliens Colonial Marines


Gearbox made yet another flop with this poor excuse of a game. The Alien brand is one of the most famous, and the game showed such a poor aspect of it that the only reasonable solution would be to burn every single copy. The makers of Duke Nukem: Forever also created such a linear map, and at some points you start to recognize the buildings over and over again. This is because the game takes you from one point and back to the start by the end of the game (instead of creating separate areas). The story is so hard to follow that you actually do not even care about the ending. Actually at the point I am writing this I completely forget the ending of the story. The enemies are easy, and they throw aliens at you like they are Call of Duty players. This game is Alien. It is suppose to be scary and memorable, but unfortunately it is for all of the wrong reasons.


Number Two: MindJack


I honestly don’t know where to start when talking about this game, so I’m just going to pick a spot. This game drops the ball on all aspects of a video game. Square Enix, who hasn’t published a reputable title since Deus Ex: Human Revolution (minus the Final Fantasy series), publishes it. This game has some of the poorest dialogue I’ve ever heard in a video game. There is one point where the main character, Jim, tries to hit on his female partner and starts stuttering because he gets flustered, but it sounds like he actually has a speech impediment. This game has some of the most unnatural movement to it, and the boss fights have no strategy to them whatsoever. There are boss fights where you have to just beat all of the enemies and then the giant mech in the centre of the area just explodes with no explanation.  To beat this game all you have to do is not run out of ammo, which is not hard at all, since you can just take control of any civilian and they all of a sudden have a fully automatic weapon. I had to play through it twice on co-op (because the second player does not collect any trophies/achievements), and I still don’t understand the story. One boss fight includes bombarding a human being with more than enough ammo to supply an army, only to see him walk it off. I don’t know who came up with this game, because they butchered a great idea. 

Number One: Terminator Salvation


The only reason this is number one is due to two reasons, the first of which being the fact that you can get all of the trophies/ achievements after one playthrough. The second reason is the fact that there are no cutscenes. All of the moments that should be cutscenes are just the AI moving around as an in game camera pans on them. Other than these two reasons, Terminator Salvation is just as frustratingly bad as MindJack, as the AI is terrible, the cover system is flawed, and the enemies take forever to beat. The story is more than forgettable, and has nothing to do with the movie. If you are going to play this, you must have someone with you to take control of your partner, because the AI is beyond terrible. This game is really easy to platinum for playstation gamers.


What do you think? What are your least favorite games? Let us know in the comments section below!


Keep in mind I am human and therefore have missed MANY games. A top six list is too short for sure, so please suggest titles for the next top six article! I apologize if you are upset by the choices, but I am not going to write about games that I haven't played.