Top 6 Worst Games of the Last Generation

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  1. Guest says:

    Doooood. Ride to hell retribution?

    1. James Pritchard says:

      I focused more on Co-Op games with a BIG release. I will for sure take a change to play this in the future and do a Redux 🙂

  2. Adam says:


    1. James Pritchard says:

      I’ve heard terrible things, but I haven’t played it and I’m not going to write and article on something I haven’t played.

  3. Fel Martins says:

    How can you not have Sonic 06? When someone on youtube posts a 3 and a half hour review on how terrible a game is, it at least deserves a mention.

    1. James Pritchard says:

      Like I said. Its a top 6 list keep in mind, so there are many that aren’t mentioned and I’ll be the first to admit that!

  4. Hates bad writers. says:

    I’d rather judge it off of expectations. Mass Effect 3 had no reason to fail in any department, and it did anyways. Can’t forget the “fuck you” from the developer with the crappy “patch” ending. This is what happens when you hire people who aren’t writers, Bioware, you get a shitty product far worse than FUSE, Terminator, Aliens, or Smack Down. I wouldn’t hold a AA title to AAA standards either, and it seems you did that. We’ve had plenty games that did a lot worse than these, the reason being is that they promised more, and came of off good games. Halo 4. Killed the narrative with the overly serious, pretentious, plot hole riddled campaign. The gameplay was completely butchered. That is far worse than any game that isn’t that great but never promised the world in the first place.

    I’d say take another look at your list, pretty much none of these games promised anything particularly good, so I won’t hold that against them when they turn out bad.

    1. Rarric Alehammer says:

      “Halo 4 and Mass Effect 3 are worse than Aliens: Colonial Marines” -you

      Sounds like you needed some perspective, hope this helps.

    2. Budgiecat says:

      Must be tough to be black and mexican. Dumb f*uck nigg*er wetback.

    3. James Pritchard says:

      The list you’re describing would be biggest flops/ let downs. This is a list of the games I played and laughed from/ got frustrated because they were painfully bad.

      1. Hates bad writers. says:

        Mass Effect 3 was far and away a technical failure beyond the comprehension of the boys at Insomniac behind Fuse.


        Fuse isn’t near as bad.

        1. James Pritchard says:

          To each their own 🙂

          1. Hates bad writers. says:

            No, not really. Opinions killed journalism, thanks for adding to the pile. We can prove for a fact that one does not work near as good, and still you don’t bother putting up the facts. That’s one more garbage site to avoid.

          2. James Pritchard says:

            Actually speculation killed journalism. Its hard to put up facts for a completely subjective article, one of which is actually posted to n4g as an opinion article. Since the beginning of journalism there has been opinion articles, I think the saying “Opinions killed journalism” in the way you’re using it is towards news. A news outlet should not show a bias, but if it is an opinionated article, opinions are allowed.

            The idea was to spark conversation, and I can’t help but feel like you’re not interested since your name is “Hates bad writers”

            Thank you for taking the time to read my article, and if you truly feel that way then good for you, but don’t bring ignorance and hate into a conversation on the internet, you will just wind up looking silly.

  5. Marc says:

    Why do they let morons write articles? If these are seriously your worst games of last gen than you did not play many games last gen.

    1. geoff says:

      And your worst games would be?

      1. Marc says:

        That depends. Do you want just PS3 or just 360 games or a combination of both?

        Ride to Hell: Retribution, Amy, Rouge Warrior, Bomberman: Act Zero, Haze, Liar, Hour of Victory, Damnation, Vampire Rain. Those are the ones that just come to mind. I’m sure I could name a few more if I thought about it. If anything the games picked in the article were disappointing more than bad. Though I can’t speak for Mindjack or the wrestling game as I have never payed them.

        1. James Pritchard says:

          Thanks for the suggestions! I will be sure to look at them as I am going to do another list in a little bit. six is too small! But I for sure don’t agree with you on the moron part 😉 I just don’t write about games I don’t play. Trying to be an honest journalist here!

          1. Marc says:

            Then you should rethink your article titles. Something like “the 6 worst games I have played last gen” would probably cause less of an overreaction from someone like me who has played games far worse than some of what was mentioned. I apologize for the moron comment. I was in a bad mood that day.

          2. James Pritchard says:

            Haha its fine 🙂 One tends to get a lot of hate on comments when they write a top 5 list.

  6. Axe99 says:

    This list be way off the mark. Those six definitely under-developed, but worst 6? Not by a large, large margin.

    1. James Pritchard says:

      Worst six that I’ve played. Underdeveloped games are basically the equivalent to bad. Try to see this as a top six list that will be made again. I have got many suggestions to create another one in a month or so 🙂

      1. Axe99 says:

        Oh aye, I wasn’t saying any of those games were good, and I’ve only played one (AC:M) m’self (as I personally steer clear of the bad games if I can), but I’ve played a good deal worse than AC:M (which was average, to be sure, and disappointing no doubt, but it still worked – most of the worst games this gen had serious mechanical issues, even if you’re just looking at so-called ‘AAA’ titles). Might have been worth specifying first and then the list would make a _lot_ more sense ;). Better luck picking games to play for the new gen :).

        1. James Pritchard says:

          Thanks! Feel free to follow GameLuster on Facebook!

  7. Doyouevenlift Fggt? says:

    lmao at wrestlemania smackdown vs raw. Stupid article to say the least

    1. James Pritchard says:

      I respect your opinion, but I can’t help but feel that your account is somewhat a trolling one.

  8. Neil Riley says:

    FUSE was a mess of a game. It’s hard to believe it was written by Insomniac who were such a great developer once upon a time. The Resistance series (1 & 3 especially) were so good.

    1. James Pritchard says:

      I had never even heard of it! My friend and I died playing it on PS3. So bad!

  9. Lucas says:

    It honestly doesn’t seem like you did any research for this garbage article at all, let alone play that many games to build a good list to begin with. How Resident Evil 6 is on here, I do not know. While it’s certainly not very ‘Resident Evil’ (Let’s face it, Resident Evil games have seldom been very good anyway) it does what it sets out to do well, and there is nothing mechanically wrong with the game.

    The others, yes, a lot of those are broken games. But one of the worst six games of the last generation? No, get real. Mindjack is awful. Teddy is awful. Ride to Hell is awful. Stormrise is awful. Only one of those absolutely dreadful, not even functional games is on here (Mindjack) and you somehow missed every other major release that was completely not functional at all. Did you research this at all or did you just choose random games you didn’t like? I mean, I’m not crazy about Re6 but it boggles my mind that anyone who claims to play video games would say that it was one of the worst games of the previous generation – let alone a journalist – would say that without being facetious, when a cursory glance on Google would quickly tell you there are much worse games out there.