New “Destiny 2: Lightfall” Expansion Announced

The Destiny 2 showcase on Twitch today made a series of announcements regarding the next expansion for the game, and what Bungie reps are calling “the final chapter in the Light & Darkness saga.”

The new expansion, subtitled Lightfall, is scheduled for release on February 23 of next year.  It will bring players to Neptune for the first time in the series, taking place in the heretofore unknown city of Neomuna.  Unlike virtually every other location, Neomuna appears to have been untouched by the Collapse which brought the rest of humanity to the brink of extinction.  As the story opens, however, its mysterious immunity appears to have come to an end.  Emperor Calus has returned, and he’s become a willing servant of the Darkness, invading Neomuna for reasons yet unknown.  You’ll join forces with the enigmatic Cloud Striders, face off against Shadow Legion Cabal and the new Tormentor minibosses, and wield a new Darkness power known as “Strand” as you begin to strengthen yourself for an apocalyptic showdown with “The Witness,” the overriding manifestation of the Darkness.

One of the more interesting technical announcements made during the showcase was the announcement that expansion sunsetting will cease.  While the developers did not explicitly say when this would happen, the announcement that players would be able to play all currently released expansions for free for the next week suggests that they either have it in place now or are making a trial run of it before officially making it happen permanently for Lightfall.

More immediately, Bungie has also announced the start of a new season, “Season of Plunder,” where your Guardian gets to play space pirate against Eramis (the big bad of the Beyond Light expansion).  New themed armor and weapons will be available, along with new activities including such as treasure hunts and boarding enemy vessels.  As our correspondent Bobby Kent noted, Destiny 2 is also coming to Epic Games Store, and will be doing a crossover with Fortnite and Fall Guys, with appropriately themed skins for those games being released.

Are you excited about another Destiny 2 expansion?  Are you wanting to see Zavala do the Floss in Fortnite? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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