New details revealed for Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark

I am not much of a Transformers fan but the new game Rise of the Dark Spark does sound like a very interesting games and in a recent story done by Game Informer new details on the game have been revealed.

Here is a run down of what information has been revealed:

– 3DS version is a grid-based tactical RPG
– Over 50 Transformers characters
– On the 3DS version: “Players will plot their next move on detailed strategic maps, and then engage in epic one-on-one 3D Battle sequences.”
– In the console version, the two worlds (Movieverse and WFCverse) are connected by an ancient relic known as The Dark Spark
– This relic acts as a portal between the two universes
– It’s capable of “Bending the fabric of the universe to (the wielder’s) will.”
– The Movieverse portion of the game will take place during and after Age of Extinction
– The WFC/FOC portion will take place before the launch of the Ark in Fall of Cybertron
– Gameplay similar to Fall of Cybertron
– Story is focused on a single character and will bounce back and forth between over 40 playable characters
– Edge of Reality is trying their best to help innovate and improve upon High Moon Studio’s last three games
– One of these new features is a Unified Leveling System where experience and unlocks are universal between Campaign and the returning Escalation mode and will feature new items, characters, weapons and upgrades
– “Power Foes” have been added to Escalation
– With Power Foes, if your team lasts long enough, boss characters will appear (Such as Fall of Cybertron Megatron)
– Hacks: modify the gameplay by adding in additional variables to Escalation such as higher enemy health, or every robot becoming a massive explosion upon death

From these details the game does sound very interesting and if done right could even match the sheer master piece that was Transformers Fall of Cybertron. But more importantly these details do suggest to me that Transformers fans might have a lot to enjoy in the game regardless of what console they play the game on, even the 3DS game to some degree has an interesting idea surrounding it in making you think and taking a different turn on how the game is traditionally played, which is in a similar fashion to Ghost Recon Shadow Wars on the 3DS. But for now we can just look forward to the game and hope it is good.

Source: Gaming Everything

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