New Empire of Sin Trailer Reveals Femme Fatale Boss Goldie

Over the past few weeks, we’ve gradually been introduced to the fourteen playable crime bosses in Romero Games and Paradox Interactive’s upcoming tactical strategy title, Empire of Sin. We were hoping for more news during today’s Nintendo Mini Direct Partner Showcase and we were not disappointed! Today’s trailer not only introduced a new boss but officially revealed that pre-orders for the game are now open!

Empire of Sin blends strategy, resource management, and role-playing elements as players step into the shoes of one of Chicago’s mob bosses during the Prohibition era of the 1920s. Players will control their boss’s actions, and decisions as their gang rise to power and seek ultimate control over the city’s underworld. Along the way, they’ll encounter real-life figures from Chicago’s gritty crime history including possibly the most famous Chi-town boss of them all, none other than Al “Scarface” Capone himself!


In addition to announcing pre-orders opening, today’s trailer focused on Goldie Garneau, a stunning singer who secretly moonlights as one of the most ruthless gang bosses in the city. Goldie’s playstyle focuses on stealth-based tactics, including poisoning Al Capone’s goods to start feuds between him and other gangs all the while staying completely out of the spotlight and not taking any heat herself!

Empire of Sin will release on December 1st, 2020, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch and both macOS and Windows PC. Players who pre-order now will also gain access to an additional gangster and in-game mission, so reserve your copy today! You can also check out the official Empire of Sin website to learn more about the different bosses revealed so far.

Are you ready to take over Chicago and rise to the top of the underworld? Let us know!

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