New Last Of Us Part II Trailer Reimagines Abby’s Story

PlayStation has released a new story trailer for The Last of Us Part II, focusing on Abby. The trailer is a stylish reimagining of the story’s secondary protagonist (or antagonist, depending on how you feel about the game as a whole) which “provides an expanded look at the story, and, for the first time, focuses on Abby’s emotional journey as it intersects and collides with Ellie’s.”

This is according to a PlayStation.Blog post released with the trailer. It further reads: “You’ll also get a glimpse into Abby’s unique gameplay and how her training, equipment, and skills contrast Ellie’s.”

Scott Lowe, the Senior Communications Manager at Naughty Dog described how the team had been “overwhelmed by the support shown by everyone that has played the game and reached out to share their experience with us.”

The trailer covers key points from the game, including the death of Abby’s father (a Firefly surgeon killed by Joel in the first game), her harrowing fight for survival across the Seraphite Island, her conflicted relationship with Owen, and the biggest turning point in Part II, Joel’s death by a golf club.

The timing is curious, as a recent tweet from The Last Of Us Part II actor, Derek Philips (Abby’s father Jerry), confirmed he was returning to provide mo-cap on an unspecified project. Naturally, attention turns toward the idea of a DLC for The Last Of Us Part II, despite Naughty Dog previously ruling it out.

For more on The Last Of Us Part II, check out the latest entry in the Hidden Gems from GameLuster, a series that takes a close look at the title. 

In other Naughty Dog news, Tom Holland was yesterday confirmed to appear as a presenter for The Game Awards 2020. This has prompted hopes that the event will debut a trailer for the Uncharted film adaptation, as Holland takes on the role of Nathan Drake.

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