New Mario Kart 8 downloadable content courses revealed, includes Baby Park, Neo Bowser City and more

Mario Kart 8 spends a good selection of its time pleasing the fans that play the games, the latest entry returned many of our favorite courses back to us including Toad’s Turnpike, the classic Nintendo 64 iteration of the Rainbow Road, Yoshi Valley, and not to mention Music Park. Each as lovingly remade and remastered for the high definition universe and as it seems Nintendo is set to do it again with the next batch of downloadable content to hit Mario Kart 8.

Today Nintendo announced all the courses we would be seeing in the latest downloadable content including a selection of old favorites, for the next batch of downloadable content Nintendo is returning us to Baby Park (Gamecube), Ribbon Road (Gameboy Advance), Neo Bowser City (3DS) and Cheese Land (Gameboy Advance). From the Mario Kart 7 on the 3DS we know have two of my favorite courses Music Park and Neo Bowser City so I am content. Meanwhile the brand new course are Lingling Metro, Nature Road, Big Blue and Animal Crossing which was shown off in the recent Nintendo Direct.

Along with the information a whole lot of videos were also provided which you can view below:

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