New PlayStation 5 Martial Arts Title “Sifu” Announced

Today’s PlayStation State of Play digital event primarily focused on updates to previously announced titles – however, there were a couple of brand new announcements mixed in as well. One of these was Sifu, coming to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 from independent game developer Sloclap. Previously, Sloclap released Absolver, a combat-focused online multiplayer title in which players don powerful masks in order to enter the battle.

Although little has been released so far regarding Sifu, it seems to be another combat- and martial arts-focused action title from the Paris-based studio. The game tells the story of a warrior who trains to master kung fu in order to defeat those responsible for assassinating his family. He must travel through a dangerous city filled with gangs and other powerful enemies as he adapts to his surroundings and works to strengthen his skills.

Sifu will focus on the process of learning kung fu as a lifelong journey, as the reveal trailer showcases the player character at a number of different ages, ranging from a fresh-faced young student to an experienced old man – perhaps the titular sifu, or master. Sloclap’s gorgeous visual style and focus on the fluidity of movement is evident from the first moment of the game’s very first trailer.

Currently, Sifu is planned to release later in 2021 for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, as well as on the Epic Games Store. More information will likely be announced as the release date draws closer, although Sloclap has announced that interested fans can subscribe to an official newsletter covering Sifu’s development via the studio’s Web site.

Are you ready to embark on a martial arts journey like no other? Will you be adding Sifu to your ever-growing collection of must-play PlayStation titles? Let us know!

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