New The Last of Us Part II Trailer Shown at Paris Games Week

Paris Games Week is on and Sony’s presentation was filled with big reveals, trailers and announcements. The game that continues to catch the most attention is The Last of Us Part II.

The newest trailer is a departure from what fans expected to see. Unlike last year’s focus on Joel and Ellie in the aftermath of some event that led Ellie down a dark path, this trailer chose to focus on new characters. The trailer begins with a woman being dragged along by a small group of raiders and quickly put on the hanging block.

During this time, another girl is captured for information on an Apostate and promptly has her arm broken by a hammer.

The trailer ends with the two defeating their captors before being swarmed by a bunch of clickers.

First thing to note is that the trailer is pretty brutal and will make you feel uncomfortable. Next is that these people’s identities are a mystery. The focus seems to be on the older woman, who is speculated to be a much older Ellie, or her mother, though that is unlikely considering the original game implies she is dead. Could this be what sets Ellie off in The Last of Us Part II? It’s hard to say, but this trailer raises interesting questions as we try to connect the dots between both trailers shown for the game.

Check out the trailer below, but you may not want to if you are a little squeamish – it does get tough to watch in places.

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