New Tony Hawk Pro Skater Coming in 2020, Says Jason Dill

Pro skateboarder Jason Dill took a moment to talk about everything quarantine with Chris Roberts, host of the skateboarding-themed talk show The Nine Club. During his chat, Dill dropped a nugget of information, which seems to confirm recent rumors: a new Tony Hawk Pro Skater game is planned for release in 2020.

Dill was ecstatic about the game. “I made sure to add my board as one of the boards you can pick…because I wanted to be in that too,” he enthusiastically told Roberts. Although the series has suffered in recent years, with both 2015’s Pro Skater 5 and 2018’s Skate Jam selling poorly and receiving negative reviews, Dill seems to hold out some hope that the latest installment will be a return to form — if the utter glee with which he made the announcement is anything to go by.

Watch the clip featuring Dill’s reveal here, provided by Twitter user @Nibellion:

The professional skateboarder was far less excited about the latest entry into another skateboarding-related franchise: a planned mobile port of EA’s 2010 title Skate 3. EA reached out to Dill asking for his participation, but he refused to contribute. Allegedly, his reply email to EA was quite vitriolic, stating, “No one wants your stupid mobile version of Skate 3. Make Skate (expletive) 4 already!”

Speculation regarding the Skate franchise began in late 2019 when EA reactivated the game’s long-dormant servers. Fans who were hoping for a new entry into the franchise may be quite disappointed to hear that, at least according to Dill, the Skate 3 mobile port is the only project currently planned.

Further information regarding both the upcoming Tony Hawk Pro Skater title and the mobile port of Skate 3 is expected to be revealed during Summer Game Fest 2020. Hopefully, the new Tony Hawk entry will live up to Jason Dill’s excitement — and perhaps his contagious enthusiasm will convince EA that it’s time for Skate 4 after all!

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