New York Videogame Critics Award to be held on Februrary 11. Hosted by Jon Stewart. Will be streamed on Twitch.

The 3rd Annual New York Videgame Critics Circle Awards ceremony will be held on Februrary 11 at 7.30p.m. The award show will be attended by game developers from the U.S as well as rest of the world. It will be hosted at New York University’s Pfizer Audiotorium, 5 Metrotech Center in Brooklyn.

It’s news that’s close to the heart of anybody who is interested in the field of game critique from eager fledglings to long time veterans.

Jon Stewart is hosting the show of The Daily Show fame and Daniel Radosh, writer for the New Yorker Magazine is co-hosting along side him. So the star power is certainly behind the show.

The entire show is going to be live streamed on Twitch TV usual home to a legion of gaming streamers which makes it have the perfect inbuilt audience for an event like this. Although gaming hasn’t broken through into the television world due to televisions inherent fear and lack of understanding of gaming as a medium it doesn’t matter as gamers have their own television and ways to spread it for free to huge audiences.

You can watch the show here.

Music will be provided by Future Folk, a quirky duo featuring Jay Klaitz and Nils d’Aulaire. Their music is a unique mix of modern folk with science fiction inspired lyrics.

Presenting the Herman Melville Award for Best Writing in a Videogame is Rick Moody, the brilliant, lauded author of “The Ice Storm” and “Four Fingers of Death.”

An esteemed panel of critics will be onstage including Harold Goldberg, Evan Narcisse, Jill Scharr, Mike Futter, Chelsea Stark and Jeff Bakalar writers from publications such as the  New York Times and Cnet/404.

An afters party with free libations will end the evening where fans and guests will be able to network and mingle with game developers and other members of the critics circle.

You can find all the nominees right here:

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