The latest line-up of free giveaway games from the Epic Games Store has been announced. Among them, most notably is Killing Floor 2. Other titles included are  Lifeless Planet: Premier Edition, and The Escapists 2.

The games will remain available until 8 a.m. PDT / 11 a.m. EDT / 4 p.m. BST on July 16. To claim them all, it is advised that each one goes through the checkout process separately.

Killing Floor 2 is a 6-player co-op game set in Europe. In the midst of an outbreak created by a failed experiment at the hands of Horzine Biotech, Killing Floor 2 is set one month after the events of the first game.

With civilization collapsing left, right and center, a resistance group of civilians and mercenaries come together to take the fight to the specimen clones.

Lifeless Planet: Premier Edition is a story inspired by science fiction stories from the Cold War era. An astronaut and a young woman navigate an abandoned Russian town on a distant planet, discovering the possibility that humans have inhabited the planet long before the astronaut's arrival.

As the description reads on Steam: “What if you journeyed across the galaxy to another planet, only to find humans had already been there?”

Lastly, there’s The Escapists 2. It’s what happens to a video game when you mix a game like Pokemon Diamond Version with a Prison Break style storyline. While living by the rules of the prison, players will secretly orchestrate a daring plan to break out.

On July 14, Epic Games will be hosting a one-day virtual conference for developers all in aid of the Unreal Engine. Unreal Fest Online 2020 is to be split into 50-minute presentations covering a range of topics, followed by a Q&A session to conclude.

The event description reads: “Whether you’re a game developer, architect, engineer, designer, artist, producer, or cinematographer if you create with Unreal Engine or are thinking about getting started, Unreal Fest Online is for you.”