Warzone Update Removes Juggernaut and BR 200 Quads Modes

An update to Call Of Duty: Warzone has seen the removal of Juggernaut Royale and BR 200 Quads. With the update going live across all platforms, for many players, the changes will come as a surprise considering the modes only came into circulation very recently.

Juggernaut Royale was live for one week, while BR Quads stuck out around for two.

Replacing the modes are Stimulus Trios, a mode involving teams of three who’ll need to pay to return to the game, and BR Quads mode in the Warzone submenu.

A recent report from VGC suggests that Season 5 of Warzone will implement significant changes to the Verdansk map, with the season scheduled for sometime in early August. The changes include a revised layout to the football stadium and the introduction of a moving loot-filled train.

The new update won’t require a hefty download onto your chosen console, either.

A recent post uploaded to the Modern Warfare subreddit has racked up more than 40,000 upvotes (currently 46.1k).

The clip is named Modern Warfare: The art of toxicity. User Gorrick1 compiled a montage of kills with 357s and a Model 680 to recreate the sounds of Offenbach’s “Infernal Galop.”

At points in the montage, Gorrick1 further adds C4 and AC130 to mix things up a bit, and to good effect. Since upload, the clip has been given over 30 different Reddit Awards.

Last week, within the newly-introduced multiplayer map, Cheshire Park, an invincible bus stop, was discovered. The bus stop can be found on the southern side of the map, around the Retail Row section aside a red double-decker bus.

Uploaded by user LucaTheCat, the clip demonstrates the immense strength of the glass, appearing impenetrable from bullets. While Infinity Ward can take away, the game can also give just as much back.

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