Nintendo Has Confirmed That Wii U Production Is Ending

With the Nintendo Switch on the horizon and the only Wii U game even known being The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild it seemed safe to assume that the Wii U’s days were numbered. Despite rumors surfacing over the past couple of weeks that said that the consoles production was coming to a close Nintendo had chosen to deny this, that is until now. Nintendo has made it official revealing that the Wii U is officially saying goodbye.

It was revealed on the Japanese Nintendo website that production of the system would be ending with a listing that states “近日生産終了予定” or “production is scheduled to end soon” on its Wii U page.

Given that the Wii U has struggled to even reach over 13,000 units sold this comes as little surprise, although I suspect that Nintendo might soon decide to start offering a price drop on current systems that will help get the last few systems into peoples hands. It’s official Nintendo’s Wii successor is coming to an end leaving behind a wonderful history of fun and great memories, rest in peace Wii U your time came to soon.

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