P.T will be delisted from the Playstation Store on April 29th

P.T has meant a lot for many of us since it arrived last year on the Playstation Store, but sadly while we enjoyed the mysteries of the teaser and playing this weird horror game the fun and thrills as well as scares are set to come to the end. On Konami’s Japanese site it has been revealed that P.T will be removed from the Playstation store on April 29th literally only days away.

As we know P.T was a teaser for a new Silent Hills game however the game or teaser if you prefer was meant as a form of publicity for the upcoming Silent Hills game, however with it vanishing could this be a bad sign for the game? Well, quite simply it could be with Hideo Kojima’s impending depature from Konami and him being a major player in this games announcement this could simply be them just deciding to not go ahead with Silent Hills. Hopefully this is not the case and the developers have just decided to put P.T to rest and get ready to officially show off Silent Hills.


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