Nintendo Switch 11.0 Update Released

The Nintendo Switch console has officially released the latest firmware update. This update, Version 11.0, is now available to download for all Nintendo Switch owners.

This update focuses heavily on quality of life improvements, including some changes which have been highly requested by fans. After years of requests, Switch owners are now able to transfer screenshots and captured gameplay footage directly onto another device. This transfer can be accomplished in one of two ways, either via a USB cable or a wireless transfer.

To access this new feature, Switch owners should first connect their console to a device such as a computer, using either a USB cable or a wireless connection. Alternatively, to connect a smart device, a QR code is provided which can be scanned. From there, go to the “System Settings” menu on the Switch. Then, select “Data Management” and finally “Manage Screenshots and Videos”. From this menu, users will be able to transfer up to 10 screenshots and 1 video at once to the connected device.

Other quality of life updates included in Version 11.0 are:

  • A Nintendo Switch Online button has been added to the Home menu, allowing users to access online features more easily
  • Users can now select “Download This Software First,” allowing them to set priority when downloading multiple games or other software at once
  • A new feature was added to the Save Data Cloud menu. Users can now select “Automatically Back Up Save Data.” A Nintendo Switch Online membership is required to access this feature
  • A “Trending” feature has been added to the User Page. Users can now view which games their friends are currently playing or have recently begun playing.
  • Brazilian Portuguese has been added as a supported language.

Finally, twelve new user icons were added to the icon menu. These icons, which feature various versions of Mario representing classic and modern games, have been released as part of the 35th anniversary celebration of the Super Mario Bros. franchise. Options include Mario in a Warp Pipe, Mario flying through space, Mario riding Yoshi, Mario wearing the Cat Suit and Tanooki Suit power-ups, and many more.

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