Nintendo Switch System Update Causing Problems

If you’ve been encountering a problem with the Nintendo eShop, you’re not alone. A number of users are reporting issues downloading software after installing the Nintendo Switch’s latest firmware update.

The issue flags up as error code 2123-1502, for which Nintendo’s customer support site now has recommended steps to resolve the problem after the initial rollout of this update caused Switch owners to encounter the error last week. However, these measures are not fixing the problem for everyone.

The firmware update seems to cause network connectivity errors and microSDXC card issues. Nintendo’s customer support line recommends resetting the system’s cache, while some users have had success by manually changing the DNS settings. Unfortunately, neither of these techniques is proving to be a clear fix, with many people still struggling with the error.

Hopefully, Nintendo can give some further clarification on how to go about solving this issue soon.

We’re bound to see some demos and probably even some full releases dropped as part of Nintendo’s E3 presentation too, so fingers crossed that it’s all resolved by then.

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