No Man’s Sky Experimental Branch Updated

Those of you that were previously having trouble with the No Man’s Sky PC version, Hello Games have now released the experimental branch of the game, which adds a bunch of brand new fixes which I am very excited to try out. The added fixes include; AMD Phenom support, mouse smoothing (which is very nice), improved performance on CPU’s with 4 threads or fewer, as well as significant improvements for CPU’s with 8 threads or higher, support for the GPU’s in the Radeon 6xxx range, player saves that have been lost or corrupt have been recovered, Alt-Tabbing has been improved (it used to cause crashes), they’ve replaced the GPU caching system, they’ve fixed the max FPS cap, and support for Gsync.


You can currently access the No Man’s Sky experimental branch by right clicking on the game, selecting “Properties”, and clicking on the “beta” tab. You can enter in the code “3xperimental” in the “Enter beta access code to unlock private betas”, and under the drop down menu you should be able to select it.

If you aren’t too into the idea of going into an experimental version of the game and still have problems with No Man’s Sky, here is a list of common workarounds.


What do you think of No Man’s Sky? Let us know in the comments!


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