No More Heroes III Receives Release Date

Fans knew that long-awaited sequel No More Heroes III would be coming sometime in 2021, but last night’s Nintendo Direct broadcast finally brought with it an official date for the continuing adventures of Travis Touchdown. The world’s greatest assassin will return on Nintendo Switch on August 27, 2021.

As previously announced, No More Heroes III will see Travis pitted against not human foes but rather aliens who have invaded Earth (or, at least, the city of Santa Destroy). In order to protect his planet, Travis must once again enter a series of ranked battles against fighters from across the galaxy. The Nintendo Direct trailer showed off a variety of combat elements which will be featured in the game, including classic turn-based gameplay and arcade-inspired elements. The game features a bright, colorful palette for the aliens, which will contrast with Travis’s “slacker assassin” style.

In addition, Travis’s combat style has evolved, as he is able to use his “Death Glove” to don powered armor and fight in a method similar to popular Japanese hero Kamen Rider. This boost will be much-needed, as director Goichi Suda has described the game’s alien threats as more deadly than any Travis has faced before, likening them to Thanos from the Avengers film series.

In order to earn enough currency to enter the ranked matches, Travis will have to perform odd jobs such as mowing lawns around Santa Destroy. Along the way, he will interact with both new characters and a variety of returning faces from previous titles in the franchise. Characters confirmed to be returning include Travis’s love interest Sylvia Christel, his sometimes-enemies sometimes-allies Henry Cooldown and Shinobu, and fan favorite assassin Bad Girl. Recurring boss Destroyman has also been rumored to make another appearance.

Are you ready to battle aliens with Travis and save the world? Can you become the hero Earth needs? Let us know!

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