Pacman has been revealed as a new fighter in Super Smash Brothers for Wii U and 3DS

Along with today’s Smash Brothers announcements and several Smash related things including today’s invitational Nintendo has found time to keep going with a few new announcements. Earlier today we found out about Mii Fighters and Lady Palutena from Kid Icarus and while some might have left disheartened at not many characters being revealed during the Digital Event, they might be happy to know during one last minute trailer a new character was revealed and a veteran returning.

Today we now know that Mr Game and Watch is returning, but more importantly we now know that Pacman is set to fight the good fight and use his several abilities to attempt to outdo other gaming greats, who knows he might even succeed. Here is the trailer for Pacman’s announcement:

I know just beg the question why on earth is Pacman even a playable character, this has to be my least favourite announcement of the day, I just hope that I am proven wrong though at this point it has lessened my excitement for the game, what’s next Tom Nook, Magikarp, a background flower from Yoshi games, I don’t know I would have personally liked something better.

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