Super Smash Brothers Picture of the Day 6/11/14 Pacman

As per picture of the day’s Sakurai has delivered his latest one this time with a heavy reference to one character I just mentioned in my last news story that is Pac-Man. Here is Sakurai’s Quote:

Pic of the day, and a surprise announcement. A milestone of video-game history–PAC-MAN joins the battle! He’s even older than Mario!!

I still don’t see why Pacman is even a character and to some degree I feel like many people might have this quote from Ratchet and Clank 2 is their mind, “The man, the myth, the legend , the loser”. This comes into play as many of us try to understand why their are all these classic characters thrown into the game that I feel we could have done without but either way their may be some out their who like this idea, from what I have seen however Pac-man is proving quite unpopular among fans of the new Smash Brothers who are desperately waiting for the game.

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