Partisans 1941 Now Out On Steam

For those who’ve been missing a good WWII fix that doesn’t have Call of Duty attached to it, Partisans 1941 has just come out on Steam.

Developed by Alter Games, and published by Daedelic Entertainment, Partisans 1941 puts players on the Eastern Front as resistance fighters trying to slow down and harass German forces driving towards Moscow. Players can recruit civilians or soldiers, then form them up in teams to tackle a variety of missions, from basic sabotage to full blown raids on German supply lines. Between missions, you’re also tasked with building up a base of operations, expanding it to make sure there are enough supplies for the next mission, and ensuring the soldiers have the proper motivation and morale.

Gameplay is described as “real-time tactical” as opposed to the traditional turn-based model found in XCOM. Missions are open-ended enough that players can accomplish them in a variety of ways, and recruited partisans will level up as they survive battles and successfully pull off ambushes, improving their inherent talents as they work to stop the Wehrmacht from conquering the Motherland.

Partisans 1941 can normally be purchased for $29.99 USD, though Steam is currently applying a launch discount of 10% until October 26. Additionally, players can pick up the “Supporter Pack” DLC for $6.99 or bundled with the game for $36.98. The “Supporter Pack” comes with a digital soundtrack, a digital artbook and strategy guide, and “Polcun the Camp Dog,” a furry friend to have around your partisan camp.

Food For Thought

A friendly reminder that Partisans 1941 should not be confused with Attentat 1942, another game dealing with Nazi occupation.  That game has been out for a couple years at this point, and is still wrangling with Google. As for Partisans 1941, the comparisons to the classic Commandos series seem to be common, with the real-time play and elements of both stealth and combat.

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