Texas Chainsaw And Saw Bundles Coming To Warzone

Files from a datamine indicate exclusive Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Saw bundles will become a part of Call Of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare this Halloween. The officially licensed bundles are due as part of Warzone Season 6’s celebrations for the spooky season, with operator skins available for both the Jigsaw and Leatherface (no Texas Chainsaw puns intended regarding the mention of skins).

A post from Charlie INTEL outlines what else the franchise-bundle will include. The Texas Chainsaw bundle includes a meat grinder, buzzkiller, squealer vehicle horn, calling cards, sprays, emblems, stickers, and charms. Saw’s operator pack features a Pain Train vehicle, a bicycle charm, tape cassette stickers, and an emblem titled “The Choice Is Yours”. It’s everything you expected from a Saw-themed Warzone bundle. 

The bundles will cost 2400 COD Points. In real money, that amounts to  $19.99/£16.99. A release date for these franchise bundles has yet to be set, but with Halloween only a couple of weeks away, it’s expected to be soon.

The latest update from Infinity Ward includes playlist updates for both Modern Warfare and Warzone, weapon fixes, and more general fixes such as lighting issues, War Track volume errors, and bounty contracts.

Last week’s update on October 8 addressed two broken weapons, the AS-VAL and the SP-R 208 sniper. The AS-VAL, with its SPP 10-round magazine attachment, could penetrate walls and take out targets effortlessly. As for the SP-R 208, the sniper’s notorious power problem was causing serious problems within matches.

The update addressed the weapons, fixing the AS-VAL’s wall-breaking capabilities, and while increasing the 208’s flinch, reducing the gun’s ADS speed.

Infinity Ward’s latest patch out today gives PC players the opportunity to choose what parts of the game to uninstall, a feature previously exclusive to consoles. Players can remove any of the following: the campaign, multiplayer, or special ops sections.

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