PAX Online Nine-Day Event Announced For September

Reedpop has today announced that PAX Online would take place this September. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, PAX West and most recently, PAX Australia was forced to cancel their shows.

The new event will be running from September 12-20 and will be completely free. The idea to take PAX online was the result of a group from PAX West, Australia, and EGX to “remove the physical barriers entirely, and simply take PAX Online.”

“The BIGGEST gaming event of the year is approaching, PAX Online – Welcome Home (from home) – Sept 12-20.” a post on PAX Australia’s Twitter reads.

PAX Online has been described as an “all-new digital event for the gaming community to hang out, interact, and immerse themselves 24/9, in a virtual playground.”

Three individual streams of content will be running throughout the nine-day event.

From now until July 24, panel submissions will be open. Developers are allowed to submit their games for the PAX Indie Showcase. Merchandise pre-orders are available too.

PAX Australia merch will be available in the coming days.

According to an official announcement from PAX Online, they promise “a steady 24/7 stream of content, events, discussions, and gameplay.”

Esports content is expected for PAX Online too. At this stage, details are a little vague, but they’ve affirmed that they will be “hosting” “some” “tournaments” “throughout” the week.

PAX Online seeks also to recreate the Expo Hall, developing a project that will allow those tuning in to download and try out demos from their own home, in a bid to “replicate the thrill of the Expo hall as much as possible.”

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