All Super Mario LEGO Sets Revealed

Earlier this year, Nintendo and LEGO announced a collaboration to celebrate the 35th birthday of a certain beloved plumber — yes, it’s-a him, Mario! So far, we’ve gotten peeks at the base Starter Course, two expansions (Piranha Plant Power Slide and Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle), and a series of power-up inspired alternate costumes for Mario: sturdy Builder, high-flying Propeller, fierce Fire and adorable Cat.

Now, the full lineup of Mario’s LEGO adventures has been revealed, with several new expansions joining the set. All of the announced sets will be released on August 1st.

Most of the new expansions pit Mario against a familiar foe, ranging from Koopa Troopas to Pokeys to Thwomps. However, one will let the plumber build his very own house alongside longtime loyal companion Yoshi, while another will feature a treasure-hunting journey with Toad.

The newly announced expansions are:

    • Guarded Fortress Expansion (featuring Koopa Troopa)
    • Desert Pokey Expansion
    • Whomp’s Lava Trouble Expansion
    • Boomer Bill Barrage Expansion
    • Mario’s House & Yoshi Expansion
    • Toad’s Treasure Hunt Expansion
    • Thwomp Drop Expansion
    • King Boo and the Haunted Yard Expansion

Keep in mind that only the Starter Course set will come with a LEGO Mario figurine, so it is recommended that you purchase this course alongside any desired Expansions or Power-Ups. Combine these sets to send Mario on all-new adventures – your imagination is the only limit!

If that extensive list wasn’t enough, LEGO will also be selling Character Packs in a random blind-bag format. These Packs, which will cost $4.99 each, and will feature famous Mario enemies, including Goombas, Bob-ombs, Bloopers, and more.

Sadly, one thing does seem to be missing from the announced lineup of LEGO sets featuring Mario: his beloved green-clad brother. Fans of Luigi, it looks like you’ll have to wait a little bit longer for the second Mario Brother to make an appearance in LEGO form.

Which of LEGO Mario sets are you most excited for? Let us know!

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