Players Create Private Warzone Matches After Finding Glitch

Most would imagine that private matches with your friends in Warzone would have been released long ago, considering the recent launch of their sixth season, but the feature has yet to materialize. That is, until now, as a number of Warzone players have successfully discovered a glitch that allows them to play private matches within the battle-royale mode.  

Twitter users DetectiveWaffle and GlitchHunterz each shared screenshots of the glitch, and ModernWarzone revealed a clip on Youtube of a private match in action. Unlike a traditional Warzone match, which permits 50 players into the lobby, the Mini Royale game, seen below, features only 24, less than half.


Despite popular demand for private matches in Warzone since launch, the feature has not been released. Considering that some players have had the fortune to access the matches, it could suggest that the feature is not far from becoming reality.

A private Warzone match allows players to play with their friends in a tournament format, and will further allow them to dictate the rules of the game. These rules include game mode, circle size, speed, player health, and tactical sprinting. However, there are some disadvantages to a closed-off match. Players can’t add bots as it’s a dedicated server, receive XP, Battle Pass, or Weapon XP, or give wins as a statistic.

In other Warzone news, last week, Activision confirmed on social media that they had collectively banned more than 200,000 players across Modern Warfare and Warzone’s platforms. Considering how widespread in-game cheating has become, the removal of such a high number is no surprise. The anti-cheat update on Twitter reads that the team is “continuing to deploy additional security updates and added backend enforcement tools. Zero tolerance for cheating.”

Back in July, a Warzone cheater was uncovered in the middle of a stream by Youtuber TimTheTatman. The cheater used an aimbot to pick targets parachuting into the map.

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