Warzone Cheaters Use Aimbots To Shoot Players From The Sky

Cheaters within Call Of Duty: Warzone is an unending, ever-developing story. Now, this saga takes another interesting turn. A recent livestream from TimTheTatman, revealed a cheater using an aimbot to pick off new players spawning into Verdansk from the sky.

TimTheTatman and fellow streamer Cloakzy are both killed in a match by the same player, with no idea on the cheater’s location. The two streamers spectate the game and discover the cheater is using an aimbot, (as well as a Damascus skinned Kar98 rifle). Skip to around five minutes of the clip below to watch the cheater in action, as well as the stunned reactions of the streamers.

To add another twist to the story, it’s revealed that the cheater is watching TimTheTatman’s stream. “This dude’s blatant and he’s watching the stream,” Tim comments.

The cheater, nicknamed by Tim as “Line” due to an unpronounceable gamertag, begins to take out players spawning into Warzone from the sky.  Astonished, Tim adds: “Honest to god, bro, even with an aimbot I didn’t think you could do that,” 

They further learn that the cheater has no concerns about being banned by, and put in the legwork to earn the Damascus skin on the rifle. In order to claim the Damascus skin, players need to unlock the Platinum camouflage on every single weapon in the game, which is no easy task, cheating or otherwise.

At the end of the livestream, Line makes a rare appearance and speaks into their microphone, claiming to have been cheating in Warzone for up to “six months”.

In other Warzone news, a recent report from VGC suggests that Season 5 will implement significant changes to the Verdansk map, with the season scheduled for sometime in early August.

The changes include a revised layout to the football stadium and the introduction of a moving loot-filled train.

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