PlayStation Plus Games for May Revealed

It’s almost May and you know what that means: That’s right, Sony has revealed the games that PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to get a hold of. It’s a great month for PlayStation 4 fans as we get two huge games, one that couldn’t have been timed better.

For PlayStation 4 owners, you can look forward to Rayman Legends, the sequel to the critically acclaimed Rayman Origins. This game brings amazing level design and excellent platforming to players with creative levels that are brimming with challenge and unbelievable depth. As for the other game, just in time for Quantic Dream’s upcoming Detroit: Become Human, Sony is offering the studio’s last adventure, Beyond: Two Souls. Before heading into a world of androids, you can see the company’s last game that delivered a much more personal narrative, although it was an acquired taste.

As for service subscribers on past platforms, the PlayStation 3 will be getting Risen 3: Titan Lords, an action RPG that received mixed reception but was loved for its world. You can also get the game Eat Them!, spiritual successor to Rampage that features repetitive gameplay but was still deemed brilliant. Vita owners on the other hand will be getting King Oddball, a game where you use your tongue to hurl rocks at a variety of things; it seems like a concept similar to Angry Birds. The last game for the Vita is Furmins,  a physics-based puzzle game where you use a variety of tools to herd your furmins to the end of the stage.

So there are your PlayStation Plus games for May. There is surely something for everyone waiting here.

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