PlayStation Plus Video Pass Leaked On Sony Website

A logo for a new service titled PlayStation Plus Video Pass was released today on Sony’s official Polish website, alongside a brief description of what the service entails. Although this leaked content was swiftly taken down, VGC spotted it in time. The (now removed) description of this new potential addition to PS Plus reads as follows: “A new benefit available for a limited time on PlayStation Plus… PS Plus Video Pass is a trial service active 22.04.21 – 22.04.22. The subscription benefit is available to PS Plus users in Poland.”

Sony's Polish website page outlining PS Plus Video Pass (Source: VGC)
Sony’s Polish website page outlining PS Plus Video Pass (Source: VGC)

From the sounds of things, this would probably be a free addition to existing PS Plus subscriptions, although the description does only mention Poland as an area where this service will be available. This new addition would also line up with Sony’s recent announcement that the PlayStation Store will stop selling and renting out TV and film content from August 31, 2021. And, it would be another way for Sony to bolster the value of its PS Plus subscription to compete with Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass.

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