Pokemon-Like ‘Creatures Of Ava’ Gets Stunning New Trailer, Demo Coming Soon

It’s Guerrilla Collective Showcase day, and part of the online showcase debuted the new trailer for Creatures of Ava. This Pokémon-inspired title puts a twist on the classic formula, as the player seeks to save and assist the titular creatures of the planet Ava, rather than capture and battle them. As well as a trailer, we also got confirmation that Creatures of Ava will be receiving a demo as part of Steam Next Fest, meaning you can try the game out for free between June 10 – 17.

This new glimpse at Creatures of Ava focuses on story and gameplay, with a voiced expedition report detailing the journey being taken onto the planet of Ava by nature explorer Vic. We see Vic trekking through the honestly gorgeous world of Ava, encountering new creatures and attempting to save them from an infection known as the Withering that corrupts them and makes them agitated and confrontational. Instead of simply battling them as you’d expect in any game like Pokémon, Vic seeks to find ways to get rid of their infection and care for the creatures. You can check out the new gameplay trailer for yourself below!

We’re looking forward to seeing how the game turns out after this look at the gameplay. Vic’s ability to use some kind of flute to take over the creatures looks like a unique ability, and highlights how the game is emphasising understanding and aiding the wildlife, rather than just sticking them in a ball for the rest of their lives! Creatures of Ava is co-developed by Chibig and Inverge, two Spanish studios working with publisher 11 bit studios to bring the game to life. It’s set to release later this year, and will be available on both Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass on launch.

What did you think of this first look at the Creatures of Ava story and gameplay? Will you be trying the demo available on Steam between June 10 – 17? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and keep your eyes on GameLuster for more breaking gaming news and coverage.

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