Pokemon Shuffle details

Nintendo is set to release their next free to play game on the Nintendo 3DS, this game Pokemon Shuffle. This does seem interesting as a free to play game, and it looks to be coming out soon, though I did want more details which the Pokemon Company has released.

These new details include a wide variety of things, even pricing of some form, you can read the details below:

– Free-to-play, as previously mentioned
– Stamina system: get 5 hearts and use a heart every time you play a stage (win or lose)
– Takes time for hearts to recover
– Initially thought to be 15 minutes, but images show 30 minutes
– Expedite recovery by buying hearts in the store using the in-game currency, gems
– Can obtain gems through StreetPass
– There are also in-app purchases
– 1 Gem = 100 Yen ($0.84 so will probably be $1 in the US)
– Can then purchase either hearts or coins
– Coins can be used to buy items to make stages easier, or Great Balls to make capture of Pokemon more likely.
– Pricing scheme:

5 Hearts = 1 Gem
20 Hearts = 3 Gems
45 Hearts = 6 Gems
75 Hearts = 10 Gems

5000 Coins = 1 Gem
20000 Coins = 3 Gems
45000 Coins = 6 Gems
75000 Coins = 10 Gems

– To get 75 hearts would be 1,000 yen (roughly $8)
– Somewhere around 160 Pokemon/stages
– 1 Pokemon per stage
– Charizard and Mewtwo have two entries due to two Mega Evolutions
– Those looking to run through the game as quickly as possible using the stamina feature and without losing a single match (just paying for hearts) would need to spend 2,300 yen (assuming there aren’t any extra stages with duplicates etc.)
– The idea is to play it over time and not 100% it as fast as possible

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