Pokémon Unite Holiday Roadmap Includes Free Tsareena

A new roadmap for online battle arena game Pokémon Unite has been released, laying out upcoming features of the Holiday Event running into early next year.

Pokemon Unite Roadmap Shows Dragonite and a Holiday Event

Players eager to catch ’em all can get a free Unite License for Tsareena simply by logging in before December 31st. Tsareena is a new addition to the roster, debuting on December 9th. After Tsareena, the next newcomer will be Dragonite being introduced on December 20th. Both Tsareena and Dragonite are Melee All-Rounder type Pokémon.

The bulk of the Holiday Event runs for just over a month, from December 15th through to January 16th, 2022. On top of a host of new customisation items for both Pokémon and Trainers, there will be special matches and challenges, including the Shivre City Snowball Battle. This map sees its usual Avalugg temporarily replaced with Articuno to take down in the central area with defeated Pokemon temporarily being turned into snowmen. During the Illumination Challenge, lighting up the Christmas trees on the hub by completing challenges and Daily Missions will net you festive fashion items and 1-Day Limited Licenses for the ice-based Alolan Ninetails.

As well as starting the string of special log-in gifts up to January 1st, December 24th sees the kickoff of the Photo Challenge. By competing in various types of matches, players will receive snowflakes that reveal parts of a photo and earn them rewards. This event finishes on January 6th.

Finally, there will also be a free trial event where every Pokémon available in-game is able to be used by any player. Running from January 1st – January 3rd, this trial period will give players an opportunity to experience using all different kinds of Pokémon types and move sets, so prioritising those Unite Licenses from there on out could become a lot easier!

Pokémon Unite is free to play on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. You can get a brief taster of the upcoming festivities in the new trailer below:

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