Top 10 Things to Get Excited for in Halo Infinite

Needless to say, after the initial release date being pushed back, and being teased with a month of staggeringly cool beta multiplayer, both new and old Halo fans are more than ready for this new addition to the series. Halo Infinite is bringing a whole lot of awesome new content to the table, and given it’s finally here, addressing what we’re eager to see next the most is important. Without further ado, here’s the top 10 things to get hype for in Halo Infinite.

10) Split-screen for cooperative play

While split screen, co-op gaming is something most game companies have moved away from, 343 Industries studio head Chris Lee has confirmed that Halo Infinite will support this. The split screen visuals will definitely induce nostalgia into the gamers who have been with the franchise for 20 years.

9) New Weapons

With a franchise that already had a wide arsenal of weapons to chose from, it’s no surprise that the dev’s have added more to fun ones to play with. You’ve got the Mangler, a Banish pistol-like weapon, or the VK78 Commando, a tactical rifle that damages enemies with kinetic energy. We hope there are more on the way!

8) The New Razorback and Vehicle Mechanics

A new vehicle has been added to the game, described as a cousin to the Warthog, and called the Razorback. While this vehicle will be available in all game modes, it appears to be more of a transport vehicle than anything. It does however have the capacity to hold and store power weapons such as the Gravity hammer, along with detached turrets, fusion coils, and practically anything you might need to haul in game. Along with this new vehicle, they’ve also introduced mechanics that allow whatever you are driving to visual take damage as it gets more beat up until it eventually blows up, so definitely best to be careful when riding around in game!

7) Available on PC and Xbox with Crossplay and Cross-progression

While being able to play Halo on PC is nothing new, the dev’s have made absolutely sure that the game will integrate smoothly on PC. Xbox has and always will be the original home of the game, but making sure that the game is comfortable on both platforms will draw many more players to the game. Along with the care they’ve put into making sure it runs on both systems, they also offer cross-progression. Any progress you make on the Xbox while playing will carry over to PC!

6) Free-to-Play Online Multiplayer

Tackling all the problems that come with keeping up a live, online game will definitely be a challenge, but it’s something everyone should be looking forward to. Being free to play just seems to be an innate part of online multiplayers nowadays, and regardless of their being so many available, with all of the unique mechanics that Halo games have, it will definitely stand out. In fact, Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer launch a month early has already broken some records, including being the first Xbox game to reach 270,000 concurrent players on Steam.

5) The Weapon

While Cortana could never be replaced as the fan favorite, super intelligent AI, we get a look at a new AI called “The Weapon.” The intent behind her creation was apparently to contain Cortana in order for her to be deleted before being deleted herself, however, according to cinematic shown at E3 this year, neither appears to have been erased. In the few moments we get to see of her, you get an impression that she’s brazen, but unsure of her purpose. Without a doubt, whatever she brings to the campaign aspect of Halo Infinite, it’s bound to be good.

4) Open World Exploration

The main campaign appears to revolve around the Halo ring that provides the enviornment for the open-world map. It has however, has been destroyed in some sections, and you’re tasked with helping reconstruct it. As pieces are reconstructed, it’s stated that new areas of the map will open up to you and you’ll be able to explore them, much like other open world modes. Given the gameplay we’ve been shown, it appears that you’ll do so as Master Chief while completing missions towards the main story line. Being able to explore a sort of Sci-Fi fantasy world is a major interest grabber and bound to bring about some impressive views like the one above.

3) Grappling Hook

Introducing a mechanic like this is game changing, and it’s bound to do so in the best possible way. Given that you’re playing a super soldier in a powered up suit, having the mobility that a grappling hook gives you will just make the game that much more fun. While you can use it to propel yourself up and away, it also has the ability to pull items and other players towards you.

2) Armor and Personal A.I. Customization

Allowing for player expression within a game is incredibly important, especially if you want players to get really invested in a game. The game developers have confirmed that character customization will be better than in practially every other game they’ve had, with tons of skins and other customizations are on the way.  You’ll be able to chose how you want your Spartan to look underneath the suit, decide how their voice sounds, customize the suit through design and color, as well as create your own individual A.I. that suits your personality.

1) The Return of Master Chief

Master Chief is back and better than ever, seen donning a new suit in the E3 Game Overview trailer for Halo Infinite. He hasn’t appeared in a Halo game since Halo 5 which came out in 2015, and as such a profound figure in the gaming world, it’s definitely exciting to have him back as a forerunner in the franchise. It appears that his main conflict will be with the Banished, alien mercenaries who occupy the Halo ring that Halo Infinite appears to take place in. With the introduction of The Weapon howeer, another iteration of Cortana, into his story, and the notion that Cortana may still be locked away, we see another potential plot line emerge. Regardless of what happens, it’s bound to be interesting with the Master Chief front and center.

Halo Infinite is out now on Steam, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox Game Pass PC & Console.

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